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Get in touch Smart And CO₂-Free Processing Revolutionize your industrial processes with microwave technology. We use cutting-edge research and custom-built solutions to help companies get better, faster, and sustainable results at scale.

the unexplored opportunity

Faster and better results, with less energy and zero CO₂. The possibilities of microwave technology to transform industrial processing are endless:

Evaporate moisture in waste to make transport easier and cheaper

Dry insects evenly and without burning for use in feed

Accelerate chemical reactions to loosen and decompose materials

Decontaminate fruit juice, milk, and ready-made meals

Microwave technology offers an incredible opportunity for all kinds of industries to make processes more effective, sustainable, and future-proof.

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Training & Education

Learn about the fundamentals and applications of microwave technology in theory and practice.

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Feasibility Studies

Discover the potential of microwave technology when applied to your processes and materials.

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Rental Services

Try and test out our machines on-site or use them for one-time special processing needs.

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Systems Design & Product Development

Get the most out of microwave technology with turn-key systems tailored to your needs.

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Why it’s time to ride the (micro)wave

add remove 1. Reducing CO₂ emissions has become more important than ever

In the Paris agreement, the EU has agreed to a 55% reduction in CO₂ emissions by 2030.

add remove 2. It pays off to invest in smart electrification

With green energy being a top priority for the EU, there are more and more regulations companies can take advantage of.

add remove 3. More production and lower OPEX

The greenest energy is the one you don’t consume. By minimizing energy waste, u-wave technology aids the environment in more ways than one.

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