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Introducing the world to a better way of industrial processing MEAM is a solution provider that makes industrial processing smarter and more sustainable using the power of microwaves. From training and testing to implementing custom-built machines—we offer everything companies need to discover and take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

How MEAM Started

MEAM was founded over 10 years ago by the electronic engineer specializing in high-power EM energy Carlo Groffils.

During his tenure at the KU Leuven, Carlo discovered the potential of microwave technology. This inspired him to found MEAM and publish over 15 patents on the topic.

Since then, MEAM has become an international player with offices in Belgium and the Netherlands and successfully delivered over 350 microwave projects to both large and small enterprises.

Meet the team

Our Belgian office

Carlo Groffils
CEO & Owner
Dr. Vincent Goovaerts
Research & Development Director

Our Dutch office

Renaat Van Geel
CEO – Managing Director

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Our mission

CO₂-free heating, drying, curing, and pasteurizing. You will be surprised by the versatility and potential of microwave technology for your own processing needs.

Electricity is the future of energy. And microwaves could be the way for the manufacturing industry to rethink processing to manage increasing costs, environmental regulations, and serve the circular economy.

Our mission is to help you leverage this opportunity, and introduce the industry to a better, sustainable way of processing materials.

Our values

Continuous innovation

We are always looking for better ways to solve our client’s problems using microwave technology. With our expertise, we can tackle even the most complex challenges.


We care about the long-term: building technology that stands the test of time, good relationships with our clients, and a greener future. All with a focus on using high exergy in processes.


We are determined to show the industry the potential of microwaves. That’s why we’re sticklers for quality and make sure all our machines fill the ISO-9001 standard requirements, from start to end.

Safety first

To make microwave technology take off, it needs to be safe. That’s why we provide dedicated training and support, and subject all of our machines to rigorous testing.

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