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Case Studies Read about MEAM’s recent client projects and discover the potential of microwave technology to revolutionize a variety of industrial processes.

add remove 1. Turning leftover fruit pits into high-quality vegetable oils

Fruit pits are a common waste product from creating juices and contain high-quality oils.

But excess moisture in the pits makes extracting these oils difficult, and heating the oils too much can damage them and make them unfit for consumption.

That’s where our microwave solution provided a solution. By being able to apply heat at low temperatures in a well-controlled manner, it could evaporate the moisture in the fruit pits and ready them for oil extraction, without running the risk of damaging the oils.

The operating details of our microwave design:

Name of the model: MEAM Dry S48 HR

Application Food
Temperature Range max. 70 ºC
Capacity 5 ton/hr
Power 48 kW
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Scale Industrial

add remove 2. Enabling the reuse of high-value fabrics in the textile industry

One of the challenges that keep many textiles from being reused is the difficulty of separating different types of fabrics for mono-stream processing.

For this client, MEAM built a customized microwave solution that could interact with and heat up clothing, making it extremely easy to separate and reuse the different materials in it.

This was possible because the client had already designed their materials to interact with microwave radiation. Combined with MEAM’s state-of-the-art microwave technology, it enabled them to extract high-quality fabrics from clothing without damaging the material.

The operating details of our microwave design:

Name of the model: MEAM 27HR

Application Textile
Temperature Range < 60 ºC
Capacity 1.5 ton/hr
Power 27 kW
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Scale Industrial

add remove 3. Speeding up the drying of a water-based glue

With conventional heating methods, drying materials becomes harder towards the end of the process because of a phenomenon called bound water.

This was also true for one of our clients, who makes sticky tape by drying a water-based glue onto a paper base.

With microwave technology, MEAM could very precisely target the water molecules even when bound and heat these up just as fast as unbound water molecules. This sped up and optimized our client’s drying process significantly.

Because we custom-built the machine, we could also design it to interact with the existing setup our client already had.

The operating details of our microwave design:

Application Coating
Temperature Range < 70 ºC
Capacity 20 m/min
Power 8 kW air
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Scale Industrial

add remove 4. Enabling continuous experimentation with different material recipes

One of our clients has an active R&D department and wanted to be able to test the effect of microwave radiation on new materials before committing to a new system.

That’s why we designed a dedicated testing device: an extended version of our MEAM Explorer that includes under pressure and vacuum if needed. A large number of adjustable parameters allows the testing with a wide variety of materials and batches.

This enabled our client to test with different material recipes, see how they interact with microwave radiation and adjust their recipes accordingly.

The operating details of our custom-made microwave solution:

Application Coating for buildings
Temperature Range up to 300 ºC
Capacity max. 2 kg
Power 2 kW
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Scale Industrial

add remove 5. Optimizing energy usage while drying coatings

If you dry coatings onto objects using traditional heating methods you often also end up heating the object itself—and spending more energy.

For one of our clients, who makes insulation material for ovens by drying a powdery white coating onto ropes, this significantly drove up their energy costs.

With our custom-built microwave solution, we could very precisely heat up only the coating, e.g. the powdery white substance, without heating up the ropes—drastically reducing energy loss for our client.

The operating details of our microwave design:

Application Coating on rope
Temperature Range 120 ºC
Capacity 140m/min
Power 6 kW
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Scale Industrial

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