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Feasibility Studies Discover the potential of microwave technology when applied to your processes and materials.

The results of microwave radiation differ per material and process, and the ways in which it can be applied vary widely.

That’s why we offer feasibility studies to test the effect of microwave radiation on your materials and discover the results it could give you on a larger scale.

With a feasibility study, we answer the following questions

Is there interaction with the material, and what kind of interaction?

How can various parameters optimize the energy transfer to your material?

What are the first estimations of electricity usage and capacity needs?


For most processes and materials, this provides enough information to immediately move on to bigger batches with similar results.

Want to do more pilot-scale testing before getting a custom-built solution?

You can also try out our machines on-site or let us conduct a pilot study for you with one of our rental machines. Check out our Rental Services page for more information.

How our feasibility studies work

An expert will map out your existing process and take material samples.

Our specialists will identify the parameters and conditions needed to treat your products.

You’ll get a detailed report with test results and process documentation, including information on upscaling for your application.

We encourage you to be present during the experiments so you can ask questions and learn more about how microwave technologies can better serve your needs.

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View our Case Studies to read about a variety of microwave solutions we built for clients, and the results they achieved.

Meet our dedicated test device

For our feasibility studies, we use the MEAM Explorer: a multipurpose, batch-testing device that allows us to tune the conditions of the testing environment to different options.

These options reveal detailed insights into the behavior of your material during microwave treatment.

• Adjustable and continuous power up to 2000 W
• Multimode – cavity at 2.45 GHz
• Operation possible manually and fully automated
• Cavity dimension: 60 x 30 x 40 cm
• Compliant with CE standards
• Temperature, humidity and gravimetric control implemented in the test system
• Option to work under vacuum or other atmospheres (e.g. air, pure, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.)

The MEAM Explorer can be used for material research in food and feed, textiles, coatings, ceramics, paper, wood, construction, chemical/medical industries and more.

The application range covers tempering, heating, drying, combusting, sterilizing, sintering, curing, and pasteurization of materials.

MEAM is recognized as a technology provider by the agency Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This means a part of the investment of a feasibility study can be rewarded by the KMO portfolio.

Visit the Flanders Innovation for more information.

Discover what MEAM’s CO₂-free technology can do for you

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