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Systems Design & Product Development Leverage the full potential of microwave technology with state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your needs.

Ready to experience what microwave technology is truly capable of?

At MEAM, cutting-edge research and system development go hand in hand, as we use the latest insights to create microwave solutions optimized for our client’s needs.

This enables us to explore novel applications of microwave technology, adapt microwave systems to work with already existing applications, and tune our systems to create the highest energy and time savings currently possible.

MEAM’s 3-step process to a custom-built solution

How we design the best system for your processes and materials

1. Project development and consulting

We outline a concept proposal based on your requirements and how the technology will be applied.

2. Engineering concepts

If needed, we conduct a pilot-scale test to simulate real-time process conditions and provide a proof-of-principle for your particular use case.

3. Machine production

We design and assemble the final product on-site according to your requirements and specifications, and integrate it with your existing processes if needed.

Our guarantee

We care about helping you get the best results from your microwave solution—now, and for years to come. That’s why we offer the following guarantees with any MEAM microwave system.

Optimal performance from day 1

All projects are documented according to the ISO 9001 procedures and function accordingly, from the moment you turn your machine on.

Expert-led operational training

We make sure to give your team all the know-how it needs to get up and running with your new microwave system, right away.

Dedicated maintenance & support

To guarantee that your machine will always work as intended, we do regular check-ups and adjustments if needed—all on-site.

Microwave solutions we built for clients’

Turning leftover fruit pits into high-quality vegetable oils

Fruit pits are a common waste product from creating juices and contain high-quality oils.

But excess moisture in the pits makes extracting these oils difficult, and heating the oils too much can damage them and make them unfit for consumption.

That’s where our microwave solution provided a solution. By being able to apply heat at low temperatures in a well-controlled manner, it could evaporate the moisture in the fruit pits and ready them for oil extraction, without running the risk of damaging the oils.

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Delve deeper into microwave technology

Want to find out how microwaves work? Or the results they can give you when applied to your specific materials and processes?

Check out our Education & Training and Feasibility Studies & Testing services for more information.

Revolutionize your processes with microwaves

Contact us to talk with one of our experts and discover the possibilities of microwave technology for you.